VR/AR/XR Development

Weaving hybrid digital experiences

VR/AR/XR Development

Weaversoft provides the full spectrum of XR experience development services. From pure virtual reality, to augmented and mixed reality where the real and virtual worlds co-exist, our team can help you create the tools you need.

Virtual reality experiences can simulate the real world or be completely different to it. Its applications are wide-spread and diverse and include entertainment, medical and military training and education, design and business where VR meetings are the cutting-edge way to collaborate from a distance.  Augmented reality is simply adding virtual layers to the users’ environment, and similarly, mixed reality is a combination of the real and virtual but does not necessarily take place in the real environment. The practical applications of AR and MR are just as wide-spread as VR and limited only by the imagination.  

Weaversoft can help your organization step in the XR world with a range of services including 3D asset creation, mobile and web development and unity 3D development. Regardless of whether you require professional AR app development or a VR game, our team’s expertise in Oculus, Google Cardboard, WebXR and Microsoft Hololands means – we’ve got you covered.

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