Case study

Supporting an international airport’s response to COVID

Providing a highly secure system to rapidly distribute COVID test results within a limited timeframe.

The Client

Ben Gurion International Airport

The challenge

The COVID pandemic has brought a unique range of challenges, one of the most critical being monitoring cases as travelers cross national boundaries. At the time of our intervention, Israel’s National Airport was seeing up to 22500 passengers/daily.  To ensure efficient movement through the airport, test results of thousands of citizens needed to be processed securely, in line with government codes, and available within minutes.  Our challenge was to rapidly produce a highly secure software solution to act as a central intake and distribution point for COVID test results for all incoming and outgoing international travelers. 

Clients goals

Our team was entrusted with a difficult task:
  • To respond quickly in order to implement the software in a short time frame, with a high level of detail.
  • To create a solution that met the high security standards required by the airport in line with government regulations.
  • For the software to process a high volume of test results within a rapid turnaround time.

The Solution

With a high level of attention to detail, our Software and Devops teams engineered a robust solution based on a technical analysis of the client requirements. 
  • We designed a highly secure system and implemented it according to the governmental security code of conduct.
  • We partnered with our client to ensure the solution could rapidly process and distribute sufficiently high volumes of test results.
  • Our team provides ongoing system support to a high service level standard.


Our highly secure system was implemented at Ben Gurion Airport and acts as a central distribution point for COVID test results for all incoming and outgoing passengers.  
    • The system is able to securely process and distribute test results in a variety of formats from multiple laboratories and health services. 
  • Travelers receive their test results within 10 minutes of receipt by our system.

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