Case study

Revolutionizing A Leading HMO’s Document Management with AI

Improving patient care and staff productivity by streamlining document handling

The Client

Clalit Healthcare

The challenge

As Israel’s largest HMO, Clalit Healthcare services over 4.5 million members across its vast network of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Our challenge was to build and implement secure software to automatically process and route medical documents, to enable staff to improve productivity and quality of service.

Clients goals

Our team was tasked with developing a system that would:
  • Remove the need for healthcare workers to manually input and categorize documents.
  • Automatically send classified documents and associated data to their correct destination.
  • Be built to the highest security standards to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Consistently produce a high quality of service, assessed via the implementation of strict control processes.

The Solution

Following a thorough assessment of our client’s technical and human resource needs, our team designed and implemented a powerful and intelligent document management system. 
  • Using innovative AI technology, we built a distributed system that automatically sorts, classifies and routes all documents. 
  • The new document-handling platform was developed to maintain high security standards and meet all regulations relating to cyber security and patient privacy. 
  • We worked closely with the client to provide a high performing, reliable system that enabled improved productivity and higher standards of patient care. 


The implementation of our AI document management system has revolutionized document management at Clalit Healthcare.  
  • The platform automatically processes thousands of documents per day, significantly reducing the number of man-hours spent on document management.
  • The quality of patient care and service has significantly improved thanks to the removal of manual data entry.
  • The system is now a critical part of client operations, enabling staff to manage all documentation tasks at scale.

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