Case study

Real Time Communication: Using AI to Recognises Patient Emotions

Incorporating facial recognition technology to enhance disease diagnosis.

The Client

Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR), Sheba Medical Center

The challenge

The most accurate diagnosis and best treatment outcomes occur when doctors have a wide array of data related to the presenting pathology and patient. The key to diagnosis and treatment recommendations is the patient’s emotional status. Gauging a patient’s emotional state can be a challenge for doctors where they have limited consultation time and are focused on diagnosing and delivering treatment information to the patient.  Our challenge was to create a facial recognition app able to read real time patient facial expressions providing doctors with clear data on the emotional state of patients. 

Clients goals

  • To have a custom AI facial recognition sensor and program for application in a research environment
  • To provide technical leadership, developing a novel approach to the unique technology requirements for this program
  • For the program to function in real time, to aid doctor diagnosis and treatment decisions.

The Solution

Applying a holistic approach to designing this software, we created a technical analysis of the currently available software, and examined the best approach in line with client requirements.
  • We developed a clear action plan, assessed key software features, and developed functions based on client requirements.
  • We partnered with our client at every step of the journey, developing a fully implemented solution, seeing the project through to the ‘lessons learned’ and feedback process.
  • Our software brought to reality our clients’ vision; developing a meaningful link between client patient emotional state, paving the way for stronger clinical outcomes. 


This ground-breaking technology successfully developed and integrated leading AI facial recognition programming into a research setting. Developing the technology in line with research requirements, this stand-alone app has enabled multiple experiments to proceed, collecting a vast array of data. 
  • This technology created new avenues of research, This technology created new avenues of research, enabling the exploration of previously unexplored areas.
  • Since launching, the technology has been considered for adaptation into other fields of research.
  • The integrated AI technology has improved doctor’s attention to their patients’ mental and emotional state, improving the holistic treatment of diseases.

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