About Us

At Weaversoft we strive for the highest standard, above everything. As a boutique, B2B IT consulting and software services firm, we focus on developing solutions to accelerate our client’s business growth and productivity and surpass their expectations. We help our customers devise the right architecture, implement the correct tools, and execute the best development processes to ensure their business success. Our close-knit team of engineers is flexible, professional, communicative, and dedicated to delivering our client’s desired results.

Our 5 core values​

Quality-first engineering

Premium service

Constant improvement

Client value creation


Meet our founder

Assaf Shaikevich has over 20 years’ experience in software development, information systems and technical project management in large companies.  As an experienced CTO, he bridges the gap between high-quality technical solutions, client needs and business strategy. 

Passionate about sharing his knowledge, Assaf teaches the next generation of IT professionals, training and mentoring new talent as well as guiding advanced professionals in the fields of software and IT.  He founded WEAVERSOFT to raise the bar on quality and service in the world of software and IT.  Today, he personally accompanies each of his customers, offering technological leadership to ensure that complex decisions lead to quality outcomes.

We don't compromise.

We are pleased to announce that our company has been approved by ISO 9001:2015, the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. This achievement reflects our commitment to providing exceptional products and services to our customers while adhering to the highest quality standards.

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